Adult Orthodontics

Why Straighten Your Teeth as an Adult?Not everyone had the chance to straighten their teeth as children but it is never too late to benefit from teeth straightening. If your teeth are significantly overlapping or crowded or if you have considerable problems with the way they bite together then teeth straightening could be an investment in your dental health. Straighter teeth are easier to clean which can help reduce your risk of tooth decay and gum disease. Correcting bite problems helps teeth to wear more evenly and of course, a straighter smile can be a huge boost to self-confidence

Will Adult Braces be Visible?

These days we can often use removable and virtually invisible adult braces using a system called Invisalign. This is able to correct most common orthodontic problems and the clear plastic aligners are very difficult to see in the mouth. These aligners are taken out for eating and brushing so there is no need to change your diet or your everyday routine. We may sometimes recommend fixed braces for more complex problems but these can use clear or tooth coloured brackets and very thin tooth-coloured wires so they are extremely discreet.

Dr Khaled is a certified Invisalign provider but can also provide other braces systems, so the best option will always be recommended to correct your orthodontics problems.

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