Tooth Fairy in Hervey Bay

Lakeside Dental Spa is passionate about promoting good dental health in the community and one way it is able to do this is through its Lakeside Dental Spa 4 Kids program. Lakeside Dental Spa can also come to your school to help educate your child’s class through its magical Tooth Fairy program. Dr Khaled hopes this initiative will have a ripple effect throughout the community and will go some way towards reducing the problem of childhood tooth decay.

What Does the Tooth Fairy Do?

We send our very own Tooth Fairy into the school to talk to kids and to carry out age appropriate discussions on dental care. Our Tooth Fairy is great at storytelling and will instigate instructional and interactive activities with the children. The aim is to make dental hygiene instruction fun and informative for children. Whether you are a parent or a teacher, please contact us if you would like your school to be visited by our Tooth Fairy.

Are your kids eligible to receive up to $1026 of free dental treatment under the Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS)? We bulk bill for CDBS so there are no out of pocket expenses.

Contact Teresa, our Practice Manager on (07) 4191 4787 to arrange a time for a visit. Lakeside Dental Spa is located at 180 Main St, Kawungan QLD 4655.