Tongue Ties

What is Tongue Tie?Tongue tie is a condition that is also called ankyloglossia, which restricts the tongue’s movement, affecting the way a child is able to eat, swallow and speak. It occurs when a child is born with a particularly thick band of tissue connecting their tongue to the floor of the mouth. This piece of skin is called the lingual frenulum. Tongue tie does not always cause problems, but other times a small surgical procedure is necessary to correct it.What are the Symptoms of Tongue Tie?Symptoms include noticing your child has difficulty moving their tongue from side to side or their tongue may appear notched if they stick it out. They might have trouble sticking out their tongue any further than their lower front teeth.

How Long Do They Last?

Fissure sealants can last for many years, but we can renew them if they begin to look chipped or worn. They are a great way to protect these tooth surfaces and we suggest applying them soon after the adult teeth erupt as they can only be used on teeth that do not have any fillings.

Treating Tongue Tie

Sometimes the lingual frenulum will stretch or loosen over time, but otherwise we can carry out a quick procedure to free the frenulum using our dental laser. The frenulum contains few nerve endings or blood vessels so any discomfort will be minimal and we take great care to ensure our young patients are comfortable and relaxed during dental appointments.

If your kids are aged 2-17 years, they could be eligible to receive $1,026 of free dentistry under the Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS). At Lakeside Dental Spa Hervey Bay, we bulk bill for CDBS, so there is no gap for you to pay.

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