Bone Grafting

Why Do I Need a Bone Graft?

If you have enquired about dental implants then it is possible your dentist may have told you a bone graft is required. This might sound alarming but is incredibly common and helps ensure your dental implants are a success, and it only requires a small procedure to insert the additional bone. You may need a bone graft if you do not have sufficient bone in your jaw to support dental implants as conventional dental implants must be surrounded with several millimetres of strong and healthy bone to hold them firmly in place. Bone loss can occur due to injury or trauma, or to gum disease or another dental infection and bone graft can build up the height or width of the jawbone.

Where Does the Bone Come From?

The bone used in grafts can come from a number of different sources as it may be taken from another site in the body or it can be donor bone that has been thoroughly screened and sterilised. However these days it is far more likely that a bone graft will use artificial materials that help promote new bone growth. Often a special type of membrane is used that helps encourage new bone cells to grow in that area which is gradually absorbed into the body as it is replaced with new bone.

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