Dental Extractions in Hervey Bay

Why are Dental Extractions Necessary?Here at Lakeside Dental Spa, we do everything possible to save permanent teeth as they are meant to last a lifetime but problems such as decay, infection or trauma can mean a tooth is too badly damaged to be salvaged and we will need to extract it. Sometimes when a mouth is too overcrowded or the teeth are too proclined, “too bucky”, we might recommend extraction in preparation for orthodontics (although we do try to avoid this) or wisdom teeth can frequently become impacted.

What Can I expect during and After a Tooth Extraction?

We ensure the process is completely painless and if necessary we can provide additional sedation to make sure you are completely comfortable and relaxed. The actual procedure for pulling a tooth is very quick and is likely to be over before you know it. Afterwards, we can either place a couple of stitches to close the empty socket or we will leave it to heal naturally. You might experience some very mild discomfort when the anaesthetic has worn off but this should soon disappear as the socket heals. You will need to keep the extraction site as clean as you can, but we can show you how to clean around the area before you leave our practice.

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