Scale and Clean in Hervey Bay

What is a Scale and Clean?You are probably already familiar with having your teeth professionally cleaned by a dentist or hygienist. First, the teeth are scaled using special hand instruments before they are carefully polished. A scale and clean is one of the most straightforward ways to look after your teeth and gums and is a routine part of any preventative dental care routine.

Why is Scaling and Cleaning Necessary?

Everyday bacteria begin to build up in your mouth, sticking to your teeth and gums and forming what is called a plaque biofilm. You can even sometimes feel this sticky layer when you run your tongue over your teeth. Most of this layer is removed during brushing and flossing, but any that isn’t will soon harden into tartar. The bacteria in tartar produce toxins and acids that attack your teeth and gums, creating infection and inflammation, which is why it is so important to remove tartar at regular intervals. Tartar is so hard that it can only be scaled or scraped away during a hygiene appointment.

A scale and clean is painless and will improve oral health and can help rejuvenate your smile, and there is nothing to beat that super clean feeling of just having been to the dentist.

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