Oral Hygiene Hervey Bay

Oral Hygiene and Preventative Dentistry

Oral hygiene is at the heart of good preventative dentistry. The objective of preventive dentistry is to avoid dental decay and gum diseases by ensuring a healthy environment for the teeth and gums, and to catch dental problems in the early, more treatable stages.

What is Basic Oral Hygiene?

At the very basic, this includes cleaning the teeth daily, starting when the first tooth emerges and having regular dental check-ups performed by professionals. Such preventive habits may spare the child more expensive and extensive treatments in the future. Among adolescents and adults, preventive dentistry also includes personal dental care like brushing, flossing and using mouth rinses and fluoride applications.

Making Sure Your Oral Hygiene is the Best it can be

Here at Lakeside Dental Spa Hervey Bay, our dedicated dentists and dental team can work with you to ensure your daily oral hygiene routine is both effective and quick. We will show the correct way to brush and floss and can offer advice on the most effective tools to use at home. There is no need to spend ages on daily dental care so long as you have the right techniques. A few minutes each day will maintain a healthy smile, we hope for life.

For more tips, speak to our friendly dental team on (07) 4191 4787 or schedule a visit with one of our dentists. We are located at 180 Main St, Kawungan QLD 4655.