Dietary Advice in Hervey Bay

How Does Diet Affect Dental Health?Your diet can affect your dental health a great deal, even if you take care to brush twice a day and floss once-a-day. Making smart choices about the foods you eat and the times you eat them can help lower your risk of tooth decay and gum disease.

Which Type of Foods are Best for Teeth?

Your teeth and gums need plenty of nutrients to remain healthy and strong and to fight off any infections and inflammation. Make sure your diet contains plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables and lean protein. Calcium rich foods are excellent for dental health and good choices include low-sugar yoghurts or preferably plain natural yoghurt, and cheese. If you would prefer not to eat dairy then you’ll find calcium in leafy green vegetables and in seafood, and certain foods are already fortified with calcium.

What About Snacking?

If you do want to snack, choose foods that are good for your teeth and avoid sugary or sticky foods. If you do want to indulge, do so as part of a main meal as you will produce more saliva, helping to reduce the acidity in your mouth while washing away excess bacteria and food particles.

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