Regular Examinations in Hervey Bay

Why are Regular Examinations so Important?

Regular examinations are the easiest and most cost-effective way to look after your teeth and gums. By examining your mouth at regular intervals, we can soon pick up any small changes, for example signs of tooth decay or gum disease. Sometimes we can reverse the very earliest sign of a cavity with fluoride applications, but otherwise any decay can easily be treated and before you have begun to notice any unpleasant signs that something is wrong. It is the same for gum disease as the early signs are easy to miss, but when detected at this stage gum disease can be completely cured. This is very important as gum disease can eventually cause tooth loss and it may affect your general health.

How Often Do I Need to See a Dentist?

We recommend most people have six-monthly check-ups at Lakeside Dental Spa. If you have any dental problems that require more careful monitoring or health issues that affect your mouth, then we may suggest more frequent visits.

Will I Receive Any Treatment During An Examination?

No as we will thoroughly examine your mouth before discussing our findings with you. If necessary we will provide a treatment plan showing all possible options. Questions are always encouraged as we like our patients to be able to make informed decisions concerning their dental health.

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