Amalgam Free Dentistry in Hervey Bay

Tooth coloured fillings and safe amalgam removal

Tooth coloured fillings, otherwise called white fillings, are used to restore fractured or decayed teeth. These dental fillings are also used to change the colour, shape or size of the teeth, repair chipped teeth, straighten or even them out, or close the gaps between them. Tooth coloured fillings are made up of composite resin. The tooth coloured fillings are chemically bonded to the teeth. Anaesthesia may not be required unless there is advanced tooth decay. Large amalgam fillings carry the risk of cracking teeth. Those who have had these dental fillings may choose to have them removed. Extra precaution is needed, however, to ensure that removing the fillings does not expose the patient further to toxic mercury vapour.

Precautionary procedures for safe amalgam removal may include:

  • Putting safety glasses over the patient’s eyes and covering the nose with a dental mask to protect them from mercury vapour or particles
  • Placing a rubber dam over the mouth
    Squirting cold water on the filling while our dentist drills it out to prevent the mercury from vaporising
  • Root Using air evacuator to pull the air-borne mercury particles away from the patient’s face

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