Gum Recontouring

Why Might I Need Gum Recontouring?A gum lift or gum re-contouring procedure helps correct a gummy smile and allows the patient to achieve a more proportioned border for the teeth. Gum re-contouring eliminates excess gum tissue so that more of the patient’s tooth structure can be revealed.

What is the Procedure for Gum Recontouring?

Traditionally, scalpels were used for gum re-contouring, but modern technology has now made possible the use of soft tissue lasers for this purpose. A generally painless procedure, laser gum re-contouring precisely takes away just the right amount of gum tissue and allows the incision to be sealed simultaneously. It reduces bleeding and swelling as well as the risk of infection. Depending on the severity of the problem, laser gum re-contouring may be done on a specific area of the gum tissue or on the entire gum area. Only a qualified and experienced cosmetic surgeon should perform this procedure.

Lakeside Dental Spa has one of the most advanced hard and soft tissue lasers and Dr Khaled has undertaken additional training in laser dentistry so you will be in good hands. Dr Khaled plans each gum recontouring procedure very carefully, ensuring exactly the right amount of excess gum tissue is removed so your gums frame your teeth, giving beautiful and natural-looking results.

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