Dental Check-Up

What Will Happen During a Dental Check-Up?We are extremely gentle with children, particularly if they are nervous or anxious and our dental team are great for putting them at ease. A dental examination allows us to thoroughly look at the inside of their mouth and assess the way their teeth and jaws are developing. We can also professionally clean their teeth. At the end of the examination, we can discuss our findings with you and your child and we welcome any questions.

How Often Should My Child See a Dentist?

Most children will need to see a dentist every six months unless they have a problem that we’d like to keep a closer eye on.

Will They Need X-Rays at Each Visit?

This depends on their dental health as we would normally only take x-rays every eighteen months to two years but if they have any ongoing tooth decay or are more at risk of cavities then we may want to take x-rays more frequently. We only ever take dental x-rays when necessary and we use the very latest digital dental x-rays that are extremely low in an exposure. Our dental team will take every precaution to keep your child safe.

Are your kids eligible to receive up to $1026 of free dental treatment under the Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS)? We bulk bill for CDBS so there are no out of pocket expenses.

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