Laser Dentistry in Hervey Bay

What is Laser Dentistry?Laser dentistry is used to effectively and safely perform dental procedures by focusing the treatment on a specific area, thus eliminating exposure of and damage to the surrounding tissues. The laser produces a narrow, concentrated beam of energy to remove diseased tissues or to shape tissues. The beam is very precise, enabling Dr Khaled to cut away unhealthy tissue while leaving the maximum amount of healthy tissue intact. This precision is also very useful when carrying out cosmetic procedures to reshape gums. Here at Lakeside Dental Spa we have an extremely sophisticated laser that is able to reshape or remove hard tissues such as bone and tooth structure, as well as softer gum tissues.

What are the Advantages of Laser Dentistry?

Laser dentistry eliminates the need for anaesthesia and sutures for dental procedures. Bleeding is minimalised as the laser beam promotes blood clotting.The risk for bacterial infection is also reduced because the high-energy beam sterilises the tissues. Using laser dentistry greatly reduces the damage to the surrounding areas. This technology facilitates faster healing and recovery for the patient.

What type of conditions can be treated with a dental laser?

Laser dentistry is very versatile and can be used to treat a number of problems. Some of the conditions that can be treated by laser dentistry include misaligned gum structure, tooth sensitivity, gummy smiles, benign tumours, cold sores. Laser dentistry is also very useful in treating gum disease as it can remove inflamed and infected gum tissue while sterilising the remaining tissues. Killing off the bacteria causing the disease enables the gums to heal more quickly.

Are Dental Lasers Safe?

Yes, provided they are used correctly. Dr Khaled has completed additional training in using a dental laser and we take every precaution to ensure you are kept safe at all times. Your comfort and safety are very important to us and we treat every patient as carefully as if they were family.

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