Loose Dentures

What Causes Loose Dentures?

Aging causes changes in the structure of the jaw, leading to loose-fitting dentures.

Another reason is when the dentures are worn too long that they start to loosen up. Loose dentures may suddenly pop up when the person yawns, talks, laughs or chews food. The person may become worried when eating or talking while constantly trying to keep the dentures in place. Dentures may also cause the face to droop, making the person appear older.

Is There Anything That Can Help Loose Dentures Fit More Comfortably?

Patients with loose dentures must see a dentist so the latter can make adjustments. Denture adhesive is commonly used to keep the denture in place, but this practice is frowned upon by the prosthodontic community because of the medical effects of the chemical in the adhesive. A safe and more long-term option would be state-of-the-art denture solutions like implants to eliminate the need for wearing dentures.

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