Cracked Teeth & Broken/Old Fillings

How Can Teeth Crack?

Although teeth are very strong, occasionally they can chip, break or snap.
Cavities that have weakened the tooth can cause chipping or fractures but more frequently it is a result of trauma, biting something hard or a blow to the face.
If the nerve inside the tooth is exposed to air, saliva, or hot or cold foods or drinks, it can be extremely uncomfortable and you should see a dentist immediately.

Why Do Fillings Break or Need Renewing?

After a period of time occasionally fillings can break down as all restorations need replacing every so often.
Solutions for repairing a filling:

  • A new filling, if the tooth is intact
  • A dental crown, if a big cavity is formed or a piece of the tooth is fractured, leaving little healthy dental structure to support a replacement filling
  • A root canal treatment and a crown if the cavity or the fracture has reached the pulp chamber, or if the pulp is irritated.

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