Chipped, Broken Teeth & Fillings

Why Do Teeth Chip? (Chipped Broken Teeth)

Injury to the mouth as a result of an accident may cause the teeth to chip off. This may happen if you use your teeth to open packets or even just biting down on very hard or crunchy foods can be enough to damage a tooth. Teeth may also chip if they have a particularly large filling that may have weakened the overall structure over time. Chipped & Broken Teeth

How are Chipped & Broken Teeth Repaired?

Our dentist will examine the extent of the damage first before recommending treatments. If there is only minimal damage, we might just file the tooth to even out the surface. Composite or porcelain veneers may also be used for this purpose.

In cases where there is a major damage, a crown (a cap to cover the tooth) may be used on the chipped tooth. Fillings, veneers, and crowns are all possible options to repair chipped teeth and can be made to match the structure and colour of the existing teeth.

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