Dental Emergencies


When to Contact Us Immediately

In cases of dental emergencies as a result of incidents in the home, car accidents and participation in sporting activities, patients may seek emergency pain relief to alleviate discomfort

Some dental damage can wait until an appointment, but in certain cases wherein the pulp in a broken tooth is visible, prompt medical attention is advised. Dental abscess (there is a collection of pus in a tooth) is usually accompanied by a severe and throbbing toothache, swelling of the gum, fever, and (in severe cases) spasm of the jaw and difficulty in breathing and swallowing.

This condition requires immediate treatment not only to relieve the pain but also to prevent possible loss of the affected tooth.

Aside from providing pain relief, emergency dental solutions also include services such as smoothing a chipped tooth, creating a temporary filling or dressing an infected tooth.

We Are Here to Help

If you do have a dental emergency then please contact us for help and advice. We always do our best to see dental emergencies as soon as possible as we know dental pain can be pretty miserable. While you are waiting for your appointment, we can offer advice on how to manage the pain until you can get to our practice.

Please call us on (07) 4191 4787. Lakeside Dental Spa is located at 180 Main St, Kawungan QLD 4655.